Summary Message from The President
Professor Dr. Prawase Wasi

The National Health Foundation (NHF) was founded in response to the foreseen circumstance in the past. That was 30 years ago when Dr. Scott B. Halstead, the deputy head of Department of Health Science and the representative of the Rockefeller Foundation in Thailand funded the Ministry of Public Health to establish an advisory body, which was The National Epidemiology Board of Thailand (NEBT). At that time there was a discussion among the Thais on how should the newly established body be managed; should it be under the Thai bureaucracy or should it be an independent agency. While the Rockefeller Foundation wanted this advisory body to be a part of MOPH, the Thais saw the coming uncertainties and decided to establish NHF as an alternative. This decision was then approved by the Minister and the Permanent-Secretary of the MOPH, and Dr. Pairoj Ningsanon became its first president, while Dr. Sanguan Nittayarumphong became its first secretary-general.

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From the seed of thought to the establishment of the foundation

Early developments in the foundation of the National Health Foundation

In the 1980s Thailand was confronted with many challenges, especially the Vietnam War and the conflict in Cambodia.

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From the seed of thought to the establishment of the foundation

In 1987, Dr. Pairoj Ningsanon, then permanent-secretary of the MOPH along with Dr. Prawase Wasi,

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Rich in ideas, but lack in support

In 1987, the Rockefeller Foundation which was operating International Epidemiology Network in various countries such as Mexico and South Africa,

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The era of integration

After NEBT was disbanded on March 29th, 1993 (in the same period as the enactment of the Health System Research Institute (HSRI) Act establishing HSRI with Dr. Somsak Chunharas as the first director

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The determination for our mission

The NHF was registered on October 28th, 1991 and had five key objectives:

  1. To facilitate meetings and the exchange of opinions in order to derive important policies on the national development of public health
  2. To support the realization of the importance of the application of public health research on the development of public health system and public health services
  3. To promote and train experts in supporting good health, both within the country and aboard
  4. To work for the benefit of the public as well as work with other charity organizations for the benefit of the public health
  5. To be free from any political involvement

On December 15th, 2002, the board members of the NHF reviewed and revised previous objectives of the foundation. This is to enable NHF to work more for the benefit of the public.

The new objectives were as follows:

  1. To manage and ensure that the creation and application knowledge will contribute to the development of health systems in the most important areas
  2. To encourage the realization in different groups in the society and in the public health sector on the use of knowledge to support decision making, planning, and carrying out work more effectively.
  3. To promote and train experts in order to manage knowledge-based health systems, both within the nation and aboard.
  4. To work for the benefit of the public as well as work with other charity organizations for the benefit of the public health
  5. To be free from any political involvement

It is also the mission of the NHF to facilitate an arena which will help promote public understanding and the understanding of its target group in various issues. The NHF seeks to use knowledge as the means of communication and to build network of different players, which will in turn helps create and promote the use of knowledge for the common good.

List of the current board of the National Health Foundation (NHF)

Dr.Somsak Chunharas
The president
Prof.Dr.Vicharn Panich
The vice president
Ms.Nuan-anan Tantigate
The executive vice president
Dr.Yot Teerawattananon
The committee member and the secretary
Prof.Dr.Ari Wanlayasevee
The committee member
Dr.Hatai Chitanon
The committee member
Dr.Morakot Kornkasem
The committee member
Dr.Suwit Vibulpolprasert
The committee member
Dr.Choochai Supawong
The committee member
Dr.Sutthilak Samitasiri
The committee member
Dr.Paibul Suriyawongpaisal
The committee member
Dr.Supamit Chunsuttiwat
The committee member
Ms.Chusaard Guntarose
The committee member and the treasurer

List of Secretaries-General of the National Health Foundation (NHF)

1993 – 1996
1997 – 1999
1999 – 2014
2014 – 2016
2018 – present