Who We Are

The Thailand National Health Foundation (NHF) is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to support public health efforts for a healthier Thailand and Southeast Asia region. In particular, NHF works with various national, regional, and global partners to promote knowledge creation and coordinate evidence-based health policy.

Our Mission

It is the mission of NHF to convene diverse, cross-sector stakeholders to promote targeted and public understanding of various health issues. NHF seeks to use public health information as a central means of communication and to build networks of different stakeholders, which will in turn create and promote the use of knowledge for the common good.

Our key objectives are:

  1. To ensure the creation, management, and application of public health knowledge in order to support health systems improvements in key priority areas.
  2. To encourage knowledge management in the public health sector and society at large for effective decision-making, planning, and implementation of relevant health efforts.
  3. To promote and train experts in order to manage knowledge-based health systems, both within Thailand and abroad.
  4. To work with other charity organizations for the benefit of the nation’s public health.
  5. To be free from any political involvement.