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Graphic from: The Bangkok Post

In alignment with Thailand’s Second National Long-Term Plan for Older Persons (2002-2021), NHF engages in work supporting the active ageing of elderly people across the country. This means ensuring older Thai adults have the supports to maintain good health and security, as well as the ability to participate in family, community and society.

Our work in this area focuses on three primary areas:

1) Ensuring Thai elders can be self-reliant as long as possible, including healthy and active workforce participation

2) Ensuring older persons can respectfully age in place by living in their home or in the same community as long as they wish

3) Involve network partners in improving the capacity of families and communities to support Thailand’s rapidly ageing society

NHF attempts to accomplish this by supporting the development of a network of researchers focused on strategic active ageing research. The aim is to better understand and demonstrate the effectiveness of active ageing efforts. By creating, synthesizing, and communicating results from these research efforts, NHF hopes to promote and support both public and private sector programming and policy for the ageing population. Moreover, NHF works on efforts to prepare middle-age adult workers to transition into healthy ageing, to develop elderly social support club models through senior schools and other activities, and to develop age-friendly environmental indicators that promote physical and social activities and track conditions and active ageing as people enter old age.