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NHF supports a national stakeholder collaboration for “Road Accident Prevention and Road Safety Promotion Policies for Children and Youth." Through these efforts, NHF focuses on two primary work areas: 1) Coalition Building and 2) Police Enforcement.

1) Coalition Building: NHF convenes and brings together a diverse group of 15 agencies from across Thailand committed to road safety for children and youth. Working with the Thailand Youth Council, this coalition is tasked with developing policy recommendations for the promotion of road safety among children and youth.

1. The Children and Youth Council of Thailand

2. Thailand Youth Institute (TYI)

3. Department of Department of Disease Control

4. Police Education Bureau

5. Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSIP)

6. Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

7. Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited

8. Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth)

9. Department of Children and Youth

10. Department of Land Transport

11. Thailand Road Safety Policy Foundation

12. Toyota Motors Thailand

13. Save the Children Thailand

14. Quality of Life Improvement Network

15. Thailand National Health Foundation (NHF)

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2) Police Enforcement: NHF supports work that directly influences the Royal Thai Police and their efforts to prioritize the enforcement of speed limit and helmet use laws on the road. Alongside key leaders in the Thai Police Bureau, NHF reviewed lessons learned and best practices pertaining to proper helmet enforcement in five different local areas throughout the country. From this information, NHF conducted a workshop with key officials in order to introduce a recommendation paper to be implemented throughout the country.