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In alignment with the World Health Organization (WHO) Country Cooperation Strategies (CCS), NHF works directly on one of the five major strategic priorities for WHO in Thailand—the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

This work focuses on 1) enhancing high-level leadership capacity and accountability, 2) promoting all sectors to accelerate the implementation of strategies and action plans to prevent NCDs, 3) strengthening fiscal policies, including tax measures of harmful products to health, 4) intensifying legal and regulatory measures related to NCDs, and 5) developing policy innovations.

To address this growing public health issue in the country, NHF has established a strategic working group and technical researchers group consisting of various experts from the main health and public health agencies in Thailand and other experts in various NCD fields. This work focuses on three primary action areas:

    1. School measures for the prevention and control of NCDs
    2. Healthy food measures such as:
      • Regulating the promotion and marketing of unhealthy food and beverages
      • Reducing salt and sodium intake
    3. Financial mechanisms and budget allocations for NCD risk prevention

NHF aims to drive policy change around these three areas by building the evidence base and knowledge around these topic areas and effectively communicating this information to key stakeholders, policymakers, and the general public.


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